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Digital transformation has become the new challenge for SMEs. Companies, craftsmen, and other entrepreneurs, all must be able to present their products and services on the Web, and set up a simple and secure system to accept online payments. E-Commerce solution therefore becomes essential. It must be easy to use, adapt to the various developments of the business and offer functionalities to automate the management of time-consuming tasks such as invoicing.

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Accept online payments and automate invoicing

The ideal online payment solution should be simple and flexible. It should allow companies to grow and evolve without generating significant costs. Many merchants and artisans with a showcase website use an online payment solution to quickly turn their simple website into an e-commerce. Adding products and/or subscriptions must be easy as well as checking new customer / orders. The E-Commerce platform should be a time saver for entrepreneurs. Getting started is intuitive and no technical skills are required to accept your first payment. We distinguish two major use cases: sending a payment link to the customer you need to bill, or creating your own e-commerce website to get new clients from the web.
Made for B2B as well as B2C companies, our payment system is secured by the market leaders. Your customers' personal information is encrypted and remains confidential. In the event of a problem and whenever you need help, our friendly customer service is at your disposal. You can ask your questions and request assistance if necessary.
One-off payment
Create and custom your payment pages.
Send your page's https link to your client, who can then pay with his/her credit card or IBAN.
Accept your first online payment today ! Payments are secured by leaders of the payment industry. We provide merchant account and SSL certificate.
Recurring payments
Subscription management option
Build recurring revenues with our subscription management system.
Create customized subscription offers. Your subscribers will have an access to their personal secured portal to download their invoices and update their payment informations.
Online payment solution without coding.

All our features

We simplify entrepreneurs' access to online payment.

Payment by email

Send a payment link by email to get by paid faster. It's easier and more secured for your customers.

Automatic billing

Save time with billing automation. Simplified VAT management. 1-click refund. All the tools to gain productivity.

Instant setup

Start accepting payments today! Payfacile is guaranteed without a single line of code. Payments are secured by leaders of the payment industry.

Subscription management

Recurring payments and automatic billing. Payfacile is agile, reliable and easy-to-use.

Sell digital files

Sell any type of digital files (.pdf, .xls, .mov, .mp3, .zip, ...). Download link sent automatically to your client upon payment confirmation.

Exports and analysis

Export invoices for accounting in .pdf and/or .csv. Integrate Payfacile with hundreds of different apps via Zapier.