Accept online payments inside your emails

Bank transfers and bank checks are slow and time-consuming for both your accountant and your customers. We developed a much simpler and quicker way to accept payments.

Payfacile lets you create a payment link to share with your customers. Just copy-paste a URL link in your email, your client pays you online with his credit card or IBAN.

Share a payment link, get paid quicker.

Benefits of using Payfacile


Avoid false or blank checks, offer your customers to pay online and receive your funds automatically into your bank account. We pre-integrated the most recent payment gateways that insure the greatest security standards.


Send a payment request in less than 30s. Customise the payment page and pricing (one-time, recurring, differed payments). Let you customers choose between CB or SEPA payment.

No friction

100% Plug & Play. No coding ! Payfacile is easy for you and for your customers. They are never asked to open an account before paying.

Reduce credit losses

Payments are verified instantly, no recourse. Automatic dunning management system insure to reduce churn to the minimum. Get notified by email if any problem.  Easier for you, more transparent for your clients.

Visa / Mastercard / Amex

Accept credit cards from over 180 countries with Stripe (other payment gateways : Braintree, Slimpay and Adyen). Automatic management of credit cards expiration dates. SEPA direct debit mandates are also available.

Mobile payment

Responsive payment pages. Let your customers pay directly from their smartphone.