Payfacile Changelog


Version 3.8 – July 25th, 2023

  • ADDED – Customizable payment link – Create and personalize payment links tailored to your customers’ needs.
  • ADDED – Analytics for Customers, Orders, Payments Monitor trends and volumes with our new table analytics.
  • IMPROVED – Discount and Promo Code – Easily create and manage discount and promo codes to boost sales.


Version 3.7 – February 1st, 2023

  • ADDED – Limited access page in Beta – You can limit access to certain pages according to what product / subscription the clients ordered.
  • ADDED – Release custom domain out of Beta You can now connect your own domain to your PayFacile website.
  • ADDED – Force client to open an account You can force your new client to open an account only for the products of your choice.
  • ADDED – Revenue and Order number in Export Clients – We added 2 new columns in the export clients file: Revenue & Number of orders.
  • ADDED – Extra lines to invoice footer We added 2 extra lines to the invoice in order to add extra legal information.
  • ADDED – Report bug We have added a way for you to report a bug or improvement to us.
  • ADDED – Give Love Page We added a page to facilitate writing comments and testimonials.
  • IMPROVED – PayFacile Website and Feature ExplanationWe improved the design of our website.
  • IMPROVED – Database migration from Compose to MongoDB – We had to change our Database provider.


Version 3.6 – October 17th, 2022

  • ADDED – Option selection on Product page – You can display Options in 2 differents ways: dropdown or list.
  • ADDED – Multiple images on Product page You can add multiple images to your product page.
  • ADDED – Zoom on Images Your clients can zoom on your product’s images.
  • IMPROVED – New / Edit product pageWe updated the design of the New / Edit product page.
  • IMPROVED – 404 Not Found page
  • FIXED Multiple small improvements to Page builder
  • FIXED Update subscription price


Version 3.5 – September 21th, 2022

  • ADDED – Navigation Menu – You can add links to the header of your Home page, Products pages and Pages.
  • ADDED – Navigation Menu You can custom the dropdown menu in the header of your Pages.
  • IMPROVED – Page BuilderWe made the page builder easier to navigate and with more custom options.
  • FIXED SEPA payments – Payment status update between Stripe and PayFacile. Update Stripe API.


Version 3.4 – June 17th, 2022

  • ADDED – Order creation process – You can now create an order directly from your seller interface.
  • ADDED – Page Builder You can now build your website simply by dragging and dropping blocks.
  • FIXED Tax management


Version 3.3 – December 27th, 2021

  • ADDED – Autocomplete addresses – Your clients can now autocomplete their address using Google Place API.
  • ADDED – Custom domain You can now add your own domain name.


Version 3.2 – December 14th, 2021

  • ADDED – Share your account with multiple users – You can now invite multiple users to collaborate on your account.
  • ADDED – Add a VAT rate for all countries You can now add a VAT rate for every countries.
  • IMPROVED – Access and securityWe improved the way data are retrieved.
  • IMPROVED – Initial loading time – We reduced the size of the app resulting in faster loading.
  • IMPROVED – CPU/Memory performances – We improved performances.
  • FIXED – Select dropdown on iphone & ipad
  • FIXED Issues with double payments


Version 3.1 – January 31st, 2021

  • ADDEDGroup actions for clients, orders and paymentsYou can now make simultaneous action on multiple clients, orders or payments.
  • ADDEDBilling and Delivery addresses in orders export Customer’s billing and delivery addresses are now added to the export of orders.
  • ADDEDDeactivate credit card payments in one click You can deactivate your credit card payment gateway if you only want to use SEPA.
  • ADDED – Get to Know page – Give us more information about yourself to help us provide you with a better service.
  • ADDED – Search bar for options and questions – Filter your options and question easily with our new search bars.
  • ADDED – Google Tag Manager integration – You can connect your Tag Manager Account to add marketing scripts to your pages.
  • IMPROVEDTable filtersWe improved the way you can filter customers, orders and payments.
  • IMPROVED – Display coupon discount – We improved the way discount is displayed after coupon code is validated.
  • IMPROVED – Country selection in order form – We made your country as country selected by default for your customers.
  • IMPROVED – Re-organize account and settings pages – We made the account and settings pages clearer for better user experience.
  • FIXEDOrders export 
  • FIXED Referral links for new users 
  • FIXED Various minors bugs 


Version 3.0 – December 14th, 2020

  • ADDEDIntroducing Shopping Cart Management – Your customers can order multiple products at once.
  • ADDEDOption of type QuantityNew type of option allowing your customers to order multiple units of one option.
  • ADDEDRequired options group – You can force your customers to select an option in one option group.
  • ADDEDChoose multiple options – You can allow your customers to select multiple options in one single option group.
  • ADDEDOption management – You can add your options to multiple products without having to re-create them.
  • ADDEDQuestion management – You can add your questions to multiple products without having to re-create them.
  • ADDEDQuestion of type Multiple Choices – You can ask multiple choice questions to your customers before they order.
  • ADDEDDifferent VAT rate per product & option – You can set up a specific tax rate for each product and option.
  • ADDEDDifferent VAT rate depending on customer’s billing address – You can set a specific tax rate depending on your customer’s location.
  • ADDEDGeneral Tax Management – You can create multiple Tax Profiles if you sell products with different tax rates.
  • ADDEDRegister disputed payments – You can mark a payment as ‘disputed’.
  • ADDEDNo indexing on search engines – You can choose not to index your products on search engines.
  • ADDEDNew ways of integrating product pages – You can integrate your product pages into your website in multiple ways: embed, popup, etc…
  • ADDEDShort product descriptionYou can add a short description to your product pages.
  • IMPROVEDMenu organisationWe improved / simplified the way menus are organised.
  • IMPROVEDTables loading time – We improved significantly search speed for all the tables.
  • IMPROVEDNew Customer Page – We improved the design of the customer details page: history, statistics, etc…
  • IMPROVEDNew Order Page – We improved the design of the order details page: history, statistics, etc…
  • IMPROVEDNew Product Page – We improved the design of the editor and the actual product page.
  • IMPROVED – Change account language – You can update language of all your products when changing account language.
  • FIXEDUpdate subscription price –
  • FIXED Various mobile views improvements –
  • DELETED Shipping / Delivery fees – Shipping / Delivery fees are now managed via Options.
  • DELETED Coupon of type ‘numeral’ – We had to delete this feature for the moment, the only coupon type available is %.


Version 2.6 – July 16th, 2020

  • ADDED – Custom Emails –You can customize the content of every automatic emails.
  • ADDED – Domain verification for email settings – You can verify your own domain to improve email deliverability.
  • ADDED – Customers billing frequency – You can change the billing frequency of your customers.
  • IMPROVED – Design of all automatic emails – We updated the default design of all automatic emails.
  • IMPROVED – Change account language – You can update language of all your products when changing account language.
  • FIXED – Bug on coupons if product has multiple options –


Version 2.5 – May 20th, 2020

  • ADDED – Coupons – discount and promo code – You can create promo code that will give specific discount to your customers.
  • ADDED – Custom footer in invoices – You can add a note in the footer of your invoices.
  • ADDED – Additional questions can be optional – You can now set your additional questions as optional.
  • IMPROVED – Price input fields – You can now choose to enter incl. tax price OR excl. tax price.
  • FIXED – Delete business page title and subtitle – You can now completly remove the title and subtitle of your business page.


Version 2.4 – April 24th, 2020

  • ADDED – Update subscription price – You can now update the price of a running subscription.
  • ADDED – Update additional question – You can now update the answer of an additional question asked at order creation.
  • ADDED – Reactivate client’s payment method – You can now reactivate a client’s payment method that has been desactivated.
  • ADDED – Terms & conditions version date – Date of the last version of your terms and conditions is added to the popup window.
  • IMPROVED – Product pages initial loading time – Initial loading time of your product pages has been improved 10 fold.
  • IMPROVED – Collection pages initial loading time – Initial loading time of your collection pages has been improved 10 fold.
  • FIXED – Minor bug on referral program


Version 2.3 – January 24th, 2020

  • ADDED – Referral – You can now earn money when you refer new users.
  • ADDED – Activity feed – You can now follow activities that happened on your account very precisely.
  • ADDED – Analytics – You can now view analytics data for all your product pages.
  • ADDED – Email note – You can now add a note to the order confirmation email.
  • ADDED – Subscription management – You can now update the price of a running subscription
  • IMPROVED – Email API – We did a massive update of our emailing system.
  • IMPROVED – Databases – We did a massive update of our database system.
  • IMPROVED – Onboarding – We simplified the onboarding process.
  • IMPROVED – Switch to Live Mode – We accelerated the process of switching to live mode.


Version 2.2 – October 17th, 2019

  • ADDED – PSD2 compatibility – Payfacile is ready for the European directive on payment services requiring strong authentication of customers during payments (SCA) via the 3DSecure V2 system.
  • ADDED – Customer accounts – Your clients have the possibility to open a password-protected private portal from your signup page or during checkout.
  • ADDED – Multiple orders  – Your clients can now order several times from your product pages, their information will be pre-filled.
  • ADDED – One-click payment – Your clients who have opened an account no longer need to re-enter their credit when they want to make a second purchase.
  • ADDED – Create new customer – You can now create your customers from the vendor interface.
  • ADDED – Signup page – A registration page for your customers on
  • ADDED – Customer invitation – Send clients direct invitations to encourage them to open a customer account.
  • ADDED – Connection status banner – A banner appears at the top of your interface if you have a connection problem with the application.
  • ADDED – Manual payment method – You can add a manual payment method (cash, check or transfer) to your customers.
  • ADDED – Delete payment method – You can delete the payment method of a customer if he asks you.
  • ADDED – Force payments – You can manually trigger a payment if the invoice is ‘pending’ or ‘insufficient funds’.
  • ADDED – Recovery of abandoned orders – A customer who abandons his order at the time of payment will remain in prospect status and his order pending.
  • ADDED – Automatic email for abandoned orders – 24 hours after the abandoned order, an email is automatically sent to the customer to invite him to finalize his order.
  • ADDED – Main color of your account – You can set a main color for your account. This color will be used in your customers’ accounts.
  • ADDED – Contact form – Visitors to your Business, Collection, Product pages can contact you from a window that opens in the footer.
  • ADDED – Privacy Policy Window – You can set your own privacy policy from the Settings section.
  • IMPROVED – Dashboard  – Redesigned the dashboard with new statistics for a better analysis of your company.
  • IMPROVED – Email design – All automatic emails have been improved for more clarity.
  • IMPROVED – Order details page  – Optimized presentation of the different elements for a better management of your orders.
  • IMPROVED – Client list  – Multiple filters have been added to help you better visualize your customers.
  • IMPROVED – Payment list  – You can now download invoices directly from the payments list.
  • IMPROVED – Status management  – The statutes are now defined at the levels: customers, payment method, orders and invoices.
  • IMPROVED – Multilingual management – English or French language can now be changed and even configured at product and customer levels.
  • FIXED – Reset password – Complete overhaul of this feature.
  • FIXED – Redirection to onboarding – A bug automatically redirecting to onboarding has been fixed.


Version 2.1 – March 18th, 2019

  • ADDED – Number of orders per product – You can now easily see which product and/or subscription offer you are selling the most.
  • ADDED – Number of unpaid invoice per customer – You can now easily see which customers have one or more unpaid invoices.
  • ADDED – Total amount of customer’s balance – You can now easily see which customers have a positive balance and you can decide to bill them in one single click.
    Date of the next automatic debit – If a payment is outstanding or failed because of insufficient funds, a retry is automatically planned. You can now check the date of the retry.
  • ADDED – Date of the next automatic debit – If a payment is outstanding or failed because of insufficient funds, a retry is automatically planned. You can now check the date of the retry.
  • ADDED – Number of failed automatic debit – If payment failed because of insufficient funds, a retry is planned every 24 hours. This number indicates the number of time the payment has failed.
  • ADDED – Display product price on Business page – When you add a product to your Business page, its price is now displayed.
  • ADDED – Automatic email for new invoice issued – From the Notification section, you can now activate / desactivate the automatic email for new invoice issued. This is essential if you want to notify your subscribers of the coming automatic debit.
  • IMPROVED – Design of the product card on Business page – We made the design of the this card better and more responsive.
  • IMPROVED – Design of the Order page – We added more information on this page so you it is easier for you to access critical informations.
  • FIXED – First name and Last name if delivery address is different – This information was not displaying properly on the Customer page.


Version 2.0 – December 5th, 2018

  • ADDED – Trial period for subscriptions – Now it’s possible to add a trial period to your subscription offers. The trial period can be free or not. For example the first 2 months at 50€ and then 100€ /month. A payment method will always be asked to your customers even if the trial period is free. In that case no payment will be executed upon initial subscription.
  • ADDED – Business page – You can use this page to present your business / project. Add Collection pages and/or Product pages and create a real website without coding. A breadcrump will be added to allow your visitors to navigate between pages.
  • ADDED – Facebook Ads integration – Connect Facebook Ads in 1 click and analyse your funnel performances and your ROI.
  • ADDED – Google Analytics integration – Connect Google Analytics in  click and analyse your page views.
  • ADDED – Zapier integration – Your Zapier credentials are now available. Zapier allows you to connect your Payfacile account with thousands of other apps. It’s extremely useful to automate your marketing and administrative tasks.
  • ADDED – Customer balance – Visualize the amount in your customer’s balance (only for subscribers).
  • ADDED – Add credits – Add credits to your customers balance to reduce the amount of its next invoice (only for subscribers).
  • ADDED – Contact email – Now it’s possible to change the contact email that appears in your Terms and conditions. This contact email can be different from your connexion email.
  • ADDED – Change password – Now it’s possible to update your password from the Profile section.
  • ADDED – Prefill the checkout form – Now it’s possible to prefill the order form of your product pages with the first name, last name and email of your customer. You just need to pass the customer’s details in query string. Example :
  • ADDED – Default background design – Now it’s possible to setup a default background design for all your Product and Collection pages.
  • ADDED – See HTML code of descriptions – Description sections of your Product, Collection and Business pages have now a feature that allows you to check the HTML code. This is very useful for making sure it displays exactly what you want.
  • ADDED – Help section for images and colors – We added links to our favorite online tools. We thought it would be useful to you too.
  • IMPROVED – General layout – User Interface has been completely renewed to allow more features and making User Experience always easier.
  • IMPROVED – Default images and colors  – Default background has been modified. It applies only to your new Product and Collection pages.
  • IMPROVED – Settings pages – Both My Profile and Settings pages have been updated for more clarity.
  • FIXED – Order export – Exports now include all the additional questions that you can ask to your customers.
  • DELETED – Google + sharing button – Social network Google + has been discontinued. We deleted the sharing button.