E-commerce boxes ideas : Pet Boxes

Start an e-Business : The Pet Box

Pet Boxes are monthly boxes for your sweet companion on paws. A sector that has met with great success in the United States and will soon arrive in France.

Dogs, cats, hamsters, horses or goldfish, all animals should be treated like kings and for that nothing beats one box per month full of surprises. The possibilities are endless : grooming, toys, food products, etc… you can combine everything in a box without forgetting to add a small gift for the kind master.

The Pet Box is the trend in vogue in the coming years on the e-commerce box market. The market for toys or sweets for pets has exploded in the United States and we should soon see this develop in France. That’ll make some people happy !

Few Pet Boxes ideas :

  • BIO sweets
  • Toy box
  • Clothing and accessories box
  • Grooming box
  • Rodent boxes
  • Bird box
  • Horse box
  • Dog and cat box of course!