Ose te déployer

Elodie from ‘Dare Deploying Yourself’ uses Payfacile to manage her online store and collect payments remotely.

Elodie explains how she set up her online store simply by using Payfacile.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself ?

Therapist energetic, I work with you to the awareness and the deployment of your possibilities. I use techniques such as Reiki, Lithotherapy, creative visualization, some tools of neuroscience and psycho-energetics …. I combine these different processes for a harmonious and complete accompaniment in the way of personal development.

Can you tell us about what your business / project ?

My way of working is the result of my history and my apprenticeship, it is clean and quite unique. Although specialized in Reiki, I have explored many areas and developed an original method offering a global approach to well-being and balance.

When caring, it is by letting me guide my feelings that I draw in the various tools at my disposal. The key words are benevolence and love. Each treatment is unique and depends on the person to whom it is offered. What I propose to you is a real step of personal development.

I am working on the implementation of a simple process: Comprehension / Awareness / Release / Deployment. The heart of my work is to allow you to get back in sync with your vibration, in tune with yourself. I work on making coherence, both by energy care and the transmission of tools to use on a daily basis.

I practice Energy Deployment, I accompany each one towards more peace, understanding and well being.

How did you get the idea ?

It was the work on me that brought me into the path of personal development. The work in classical therapy allowed me to understand and analyze from the point of view of consciousness. However, I felt something printed elsewhere in the body.

I then turned to so-called alternative techniques. It is by integrating an energy practice into my daily life that I reconnected to my body, to my vibration, a field of possibilities presented itself to me.

It was during a trip to Montreal that I discovered Lithotherapy. I then went through myriad techniques and forged my experience and skill. It was after returning from a trip to Chile that I felt that things were taking place in me, I felt the desire to share the tools of understanding and development that I had acquired.

I validated my Lithotherapy skills with certification and trained in Usui Reiki. I studied many fields, from neuroscience to quantum physics to psycho-energetics. This is all that makes today my practice so singular.

It is therefore by moving towards my own healing that I acquired the knowledge and techniques of personal development and energetics that I pass on today. I made the path in which I accompany you. I am now Master Reiki Teacher Usui and have developed a method that reflects my background and my learning.

I deepen every day my knowledge, I am currently forming the Naturopathy and Sophrology to offer you the most comprehensive support possible. I feel a deep gratitude and an immense joy to take care of others and to accompany you towards the deployment of your possibilities. I realize my mission of life by accompanying you and as you I unfold myself day after day.

What have been some key factors in growing your business ?

Although energetics is a wonderful tool, nothing is possible without you. If we identify a node, I can untie it however the benefit will only be very temporary if you do not work on the behavior or belief or the memory that is causing it.

That’s why I like working on at least 4 to 6 sessions. This puts the transformation process in motion and anchors the change in you. I do not put any time limit, some people advance very well in six sessions, others need more time, the duration of work adapts to each person.

Energy work can destabilize you and the body demands to integrate the information. It takes time to move forward step by step, serenely and firmly. I propose a global accompaniment implying that you are fully mobilized in the process.

Between sessions I give you tools, exercises to implement every day to engage you in the work and to start the process of transformation. Indeed, without you I am only a plumber who defeats the energy plugs. What interests me is to help you free yourself from the shackles and allow you to deploy.

How do you use Payfacile ?

I use Payfacile to create an online store. I propose products that go further and learn about the different techniques I teach.

What do you like about Payfacile ?

Payfacile allows me to easily transmit the personal development tools that I acquired, in order to offer everyone the opportunity to walk independently.