Alfred Meeting

Alfred Meeting uses Payfacile to accept installment payments.

Thibault Roussel, co-founder of Alfred Meeting, we explain how to create a start-up and why Payfacile simplifies his life.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself ?

We are a team of 5 people passionate about entrepreneurship.

Can you tell us about what your business / project ?

We digitize the reservation of spaces for professional events with negotiated rates and a process focused on ease!

How did you get the idea ?

As department manager we had to organize events for our consultants. We did not really have time to find the spaces available, original and in the price, it was hell … So we met our own needs.

What have been some key factors in growing your business ?

Personalized service, responsive & amp; a simple site & amp; immersive. We digitize just what we need without losing human contact.

How do you use Payfacile ?

Occasionally: for installment payments in a very short time. A simple payment link sent by e-mail and it is settled.

What do you like about Payfacile ?

The ease of handling the application. As the name suggests, it’s easy!