Organilog uses Payfacile to manage its subscriptions.

Tony Archambeau, founder of Organilog, explains how he accepts recurring payments thanks to Payfacile.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself ?

I am Tony Archambeau, a research and development engineer specialized in web technologies. After several successful experiences in large groups and SMEs, I launched the project Organilog in 2014.

Can you tell us about what your business / project ?

Organilog is a software solution for managing and monitoring remote work. The platform is based on a mobile application (smartphone or tablet) to collect photos and information from stakeholders and transmit them during the day to the company. The data collected makes it possible to generate reports of interventions for the customers or to pre-fill the monthly work time, or even to calculate the profitability of the building sites. There are many other bonus features to improve the relationship with customers, such as an area dedicated to end customers or a satisfaction questionnaire for customers to note the benefits.

How did you get the idea ?

Several years ago, I was directly confronted with the problem of a landscape company having to follow the site monitoring only through paper files and during the evening arrival of field employees. Only the seizure of paper files to re-enter on computer, required 20h per week. We worked together to move from a paper-based to a paperless solution. 1 year later, the first prototype was completed and nearly 6,000 interventions had already been made through the platform.

What have been some key factors in growing your business ?

We focused our difference on the rapid development of new features, a very good ergonomics and various complementary modules. In addition, digitizing intervention cards is a first step, it seems natural to obtain statistics much more extensive than all that exists, to really understand where the company could save the most time.

How do you use Payfacile ?

Our solution is available online as a subscription. Our basic offer is free, while paid packs offer more features. Payfacile allows you to subscribe quickly and so quickly switch from the free offer to a higher offer.

What do you like about Payfacile ?

The ease of use for our users and ourselves, super simple!

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