bricole brassicole
Bricole Brassicole

Youtubeur Bricole Brassicole uses Payfacile to market its e-book / guide on beer brewing.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself ?

My name is Max and I am an aeronautical engineer by training. I have always dreamed of creating my own business and being able to live on it, and I am working hard today to make this dream a reality.

Can you tell us about what your business / project ?

In October 2016, I created the YouTube channel Bricole Brassicole, with the goal of sharing my passion for brewing beer throughout the French-speaking world. I publish many instructional videos that provide a lot of technical information on beer brewing. I also relate on this YouTube channel my adventure of creating a micro-brewery in Toulouse, through many Vlogs.

How did you get the idea ?

I discovered the world of beer while living in California where I worked as a meteorological researcher. There, this hobby has become a real institution and the “craft beers” of irreproachable quality are the happiness of many enthusiasts. I was decided by the virus and I decided to return to France to share this passion with my compatriots.

What have been some key factors in growing your business ?

It is now difficult to find quality educational content in French on the subject of beer brewing. It is from this observation that I started my activity on the internet. I bring a lot of value today to my followers by offering them a lot of free educational content that meets their needs on this subject.

How do you use Payfacile ?

Payfacile allowed me to quickly create my first sales page to offer my first product of information:a guide60 pages in PDF format to really master the brewing all-grain.

What do you like about Payfacile ?

I appreciate the simplicity with which I was able to create a sales page and the rates applied (proportional to the sales made) allowed me to start without fear.