Agipaie uses Payfacile to allow its customers to pay by credit card via the Internet.

Pierre-Louis Jambou, co-founder of Agipaie, explains how he simplifies the lives of his customers by allowing them to pay on the Internet.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself ?

My name is Pierre-Louis Jambou, I am the president of Agipaie.

Can you tell us about what your business / project ?

Agipaie offers a partial outsourcing payroll solution that enables companies to produce fair payroll and social statements. Our application in PAAS mode is intended for all companies employing at least one employee. Agipaie is the only tool connected at the same time to social organizations, the Net entreprise, the social security system and the various platforms for monitoring collective agreements allowing real-time updates on regulatory changes allowing real-time monitoring of declarative and regulatory compliance. Our difference compared to other companies lies in the conformity of our deliverables. Indeed, we guarantee the accuracy of the documents provided, which allows companies to avoid URSSAF adjustments and thus reduce their social costs.

How did you get the idea ?

For more than 12 years, my partner and I have been in the field of payroll. We started working at the SAGE editor as a developer at SAGE Payroll and payroll consultant. In 2014, we found that there was no tool that really met the needs of customers, this finding was justified by the figures published by Acoss: 72% of paysheets are false (Source Acoss 2014 ). Based on this, we decided to create a web application that allows companies to produce in-house compliant payrolls. Our mission is to increase the compliance rate of corporate payrolls in France in order to reduce anomalies.

What have been some key factors in growing your business ?

Securing payslips and social declarations – Reliable information on the payroll – A global and detailed overview of each payment – A payroll and accounting tool on the most important expense of a company ie the wages – A reduction in payroll costs and social statements.

How do you use Payfacile ?

Some of our customers do not like the automatic debit on their accounts, so we decided to use Payfacile so that our customers have the possibility to pay their bills directly by credit card, online.

What do you like about Payfacile ?

There is the ease of use, the speed of the process and the exceptional customer support.