Caprice élégant

Elegant Caprice uses Payfacile to sell its physical and digital products.

Tania Villard Hirsig explains her passion for polymer sculptures and how she turned her passion into a business.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself ?

Elegant Caprice is a project of creation of fancy jewels, craft decorations and tutorials in polymer clay. Sale of primers and topping for creative leisure.

Can you tell us about what your business / project ?

At Caprice, we are passionate about costume jewelery, accessories, miniature foods and handmade polymer clay decorations. All my creations are done with delicacy and refinement for your greatest pleasure and satisfy your desires.

How did you get the idea ?

It all began 7 years ago. Inspired by greed and adoring all that is small and cute, the miniature food was for me an obviousness. So I started my journey by sculpting gourmet jewels and miniature food. Always trying to exceed my limits, I also create beautiful jewelry and accessories on the theme of nature by mixing different kinds of polymers to obtain hyper realistic results. Today, I devote my time to the sculpture of the polymer and the creation of my tutorials.

What have been some key factors in growing your business ?

My motto is to fully satisfy my customers by listening to them and responding to their needs as simply as possible by offering original and quality products. I also like to give a special and privileged care to my clients and to the orders made.

How do you use Payfacile ?

Unfortunately I can not have an automated system for selling my tutorials on my website. Payfacile is a real solution for that! I also appreciate the simplicity of the system to be able to present and sell digital files directly on social networks.

What do you like about Payfacile ?

What I like about Payfacile is the ease of creating a product and selling it with a completely automated system. In addition, the interface is fluid and very well informed no need to break the head 🙂