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How to become a Digital Nomad ?

Working and travelling is possible.

Being a digital nomad seems like the perfect solution to escape, as the French say, “subway, work, sleep”. Digital nomadism goes mainstream as a lot of people want to try this new way of life. And yes, working and travelling is possible depending on your job.

By definition, a digital nomad is a person that only needs a laptop and the internet to work. With only a few restrictions, he can choose to settle anywhere in the world, which also gives him the opportunity to discover new countries and new cultures. However, even if this way of living is very appealing, there are a few things to consider before becoming a digital nomad.

Becoming a Digital Nomad means finding the perfect job

There are three categories of digital nomads : freelancers, entrepreneurs, and employees who work from home (teleworking).

Freelancers are usually people who work as community managers, web editors, graphic designers, coaches, etc.They offer their services to companies, in exchange for money.

Entrepreneurs run their own businesses, which can be located in the place where they usually live. In that case, they work with their employees or partners from a distance. For some of them, any administration may be handled over the internet. It is the case for e-businesses that sell products by using dropshipping.

Finally, some employees may work from home thanks to telecommuting. They get the chance to experience a nomad way of life and they can choose to work from anywhere in the world.

Travelling does not mean vacation

When you are a digital nomad, temptation may come easily. This way of life demands a lot of self-discipline to adjust. Some may work from monday to friday and enjoy activities during the week-end. Others choose to work ruthlessly for a few days, and then take a break for a longer period.

If you want to become a digital nomad, you must find your own work rhythm. You must come up with a routine if you want to achieve your goals, even if it is the very reason you chose a different life to begin with.

Working in an inspiring place may also be a solution. There are a lot of co-working spaces around the globe. Some were made specially for digital nomads. Not only you get to work in a stimulating place, but you also benefit from the skills and the company of other nomad colleagues.

Having a good internet connection

Unlike backpackers, having a good internet connection is crucial for digital nomads. You may have to avoid certain states or countries that deny access to Google or social networks. For example, you can’t use Facebook in China.

You must also choose to use the right tools to work from abroad : Slack, Google Meet for communication, an online payment platform to receive money from your clients (you might want to avoid Paypal), Trello to manage projects, etc. We talked about excellent tools for entrepreneurs in this article.

The rise of slow travel

Becoming a digital nomad doesn’t mean you have to travel from country to country just in a few days. Take your time ! Staying in the same country for a few weeks, or a even a few months before leaving is the best alternative.

Indeed, procedures to go from a territory to another may take time. Obtaining a visa, finding a place to live or choosing the good transport solution are things to consider. If you really want to work and visit the country, you will understand that slow travel is the best way to do so.

Choose countries where the cost of living is cheap

If your current job doesn’t allow you to become a digital nomad, you probably need to find a different job. As a beginner, you won’t make as much money as someone who already has experience.

To start your trip, it might be interesting to choose countries where the cost of life is cheap. For example, there are many places is Asia where you can easily live for less than 30 dollars a day. Once you find clients and you have a regular income, you may consider travelling to new places where the cost of life is higher.


As you can see, becoming a digital nomad requires some adjustments. First of all, you must have a job that allows you to travel. Self-discipline is also very important for independent workers who want to travel. Seeing as many people choosing this way of life shows that it is possible, as long as you are well prepared for it.