SEO : Learn 7 Tips to Improve Your Organic Traffic

SEO is a Science and Here What You Should Know To Improve Your Organic Traffic

You must learn about SEO if you own a website. Search Engine Optimization is the best technique to guaranty long-term traffic. You want to know more about it ? Find out 7 tips to help you optimize your online content.

1- Choose and Optimize your Keywords

If you want to start using SEO, optimizing your keywords is the first thing you should learn about. Keywords are like little flags that tell Google what content is on your website, so you must be very careful when choosing them. The technique is to select words that internet users search for and who easy for you to rank on. The best tool you can use in order to choose the best keywords is Google Search Console.

2 – Optimize your subheads and metadatas

Subheads and metadatas are very important for your ranking and can affect your SEO. Google use your meta description and title tags to figure out how to classify your website and if it is interesting for users, so you should use them. It also gives structure to your content, as people tend to scroll down pages to make sure the informations they are about to read are relevant to what they were looking for.

3 – Your website must be responsive

Whether you are building a website on your own or having a technical support, choosing a responsive web design is mandatory. It affects users experience and your SEO, so you just can’t ignore it. Google prioritize mobile responsive design, so your website must adapt to mobile and tablet screen size if you want to optimize your SEO.

4 – Page speed is important

Since 2010 Google, Bing and Yahoo penalize low speed pages, so you must work on your pages loading time. If it takes 3 to 4 seconds to load, the probability of bounce increases, which affects both users experience and your SEO. Page speed is a simple thing to optimize and it can help you to improve your ranking , so don’t neglect it.

5 – Duplicate content must be banned

Duplicate content can really hurt your ranking as search engines despise it. They like updated and fresh content, so re-posting your content on another website is the best way to penalize your website ranking. This warning goes for writing content, as well as images and videos.

6 – Be present on social medias

Social medias are a great opportunity for SEO. This calls for more than just a presence, you must really engage. A viral and good quality content will be considered as relevant by search engines, and it will affect your ranking, especially regarding the keywords you chose. That’s how powerful social medias are and why you should absolutely use it in your SEO strategy.

7 – Netlinking

Netlinking consists in adding outbound links and backlinks. Outbound links are meant to take users elsewhere, to direct them to other websites. Backlinks are links from another website to help bringing users to yours. A good netlinking campaign can really boost your popularity and your SEO.

You now know 7 tips to help your SEO and who proved to be effective online. Reaching the top 3 on Google or Bing requires serious and regular work. We hope those advices will help you rank high.