How To Sell Online Courses
How To Sell Online Courses ?

Selling Online Courses : From Creating To Billing

You are a blogger, a consultant or an expert in your field and you would like to sell courses online? If you don’t have any technical skills in web development or in online transaction systems, find out how you can setup your course, sell it and integrate payment to your platform.

Online Courses : Follow the Trend

Online courses attract many customers willing to extend their knowledge and skills, as this solution basically lets you learn anywhere and anytime. As an entrepreneur, selling online courses (also known as e-learning) comes with far less restrictions than being present to a class full of students. Thanks to internet you can easily target a larger audience. It is a win-win situation and selling courses online is exploding in popularity right now.

How to create the perfect course ?

As an expert in your field, you should find easy to create content that meets your audience expectations. Therefore, there are a few rules you must follow when preparing your first course :

-create a content that is easy to understand for a majority of people and regarding your audience

-offer a good quality content and present it in the best form with both theoretical informations and practical exercises

-choose a reasonable price your content : for example, an e-book would be hard to sell over $30 as it is the highest price you would find on a book shop.

Marketing strategy to promote your course

Once you built the best course, you must think of your marketing strategy. The main goal is to learn how to promote your course to make sure people know what you have to offer. If you have already grown a large audience, it should be easy. Otherwise, you must learn techniques to target prospects such as SEO, sponsored links, social ads, emailing… in order to communicate about your course and start selling.

How to bill ?

In order to sell your course online and bill, you must find the adapted e-commerce platform as your future clients must easily find details about your offer, and be able to buy it with their banking card. Easier said than done when you don’t have any knowledge in online payment solutions or specific e-commerce platforms. But there are solutions to perform easy online transactions, such as Set up single or multi-payment on your website and rely on professionals who make sure you respect any legal obligations regarding transaction security.