7 tips for creating and selling an e-book

Payfacile shows you a new method to earn money on the Internet. This is a great method if you are a digital nomad or simply if you want to make extra revenues. We had already talked about the business ideas to be set up with less than 100€ and how to monetize your blog, today it is thanks to the sale of digital files via the Internet, and we will more precisely talk about how to sell an e-book or digital book.

Unfortunately for many of us, the word “book” evokes a titanic work that can only be done by professionals, experts or even literature geeks. A false thought that immediately discourages and makes our hands tremble in front of our first blank page. Don’t worry, because in this article we reveal how to create and sell your e-book step by step!

Free yourself from evil thoughts!

“It’s too hard”, “I can’t”, “I can’t write”… A lot of excuses that make you stomp on the spot.

Forget these negative prejudices from the beginning! With good techniques, anyone can write, and that’s good, because we’re here to pass them on to you!

You have no more excuses, take your courage in both hands and go for it!

Choose a pertinent topic

Of course, before you can sell an e-book, you must choose your subject. A choice that will have to be adopted intelligently and according to the following criteria:

– Your knowledge (no need to get into a subject whose fundamentals you do not know)
– Your segmentation (to whom is your book addressed?)
– Segmentation expectations (how can your book be useful to your customers?)

Having the right tools

“A bad worker always has bad tools”! This applies all the more to a writer. In addition to pen and paper, here are the digital tools that will help you in your quest:

– Microsoft Word or GoogleDoc
– Antidote (professional spelling correction)
– Scrivener (professional writing studio)
– A royalty-free image bank (see this article)


It is important to take care of both the content and the form and to do so it is necessary:
– A clean presentation (space the text, highlight the keywords, use an appropriate font…).
– Add additional content (being a book in electronic format, you are free to add external elements such as links, photos…).
– A cover (the cover plays a very important role, because it is the first thing your potential clients will see from your work! The cover and title will play 80% of the arguments in the purchase decision.


Before you even sell an e-book, it is essential to advertise it, otherwise your work may take years to take off! Here are some ways to get there:
– Your blog (if you have a blog, it is the key place to advertise, but it must be a known minimum!)
– Social networks (the essential place to promote your work)
– Other tips (referencing in directories, intervention on other blogs and forums, participation in writing shows…).

Selling your e-book

Your work is finally finished, and it is essential to find the right place to sell an e-book to reach as many customers as possible. Two choices are available to you:

– Using your community: it is a wise choice if your blog or Facebook page has a strong fan community, it allows you to have total freedom and limit commission costs on sales. Payfacile’s digital file sales module allows you to create a secure payment page to accept CB payments from all over the world. A download link of the digital file will be automatically sent to the customer once the payment has been validated.

– Use an intermediary such as Amazon, Fnac, iTunes… This type of platform has the advantage of exposing your content to a large audience, obviously in return for a commission (which can sometimes reach more than 50% of the value of the sale).